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Scottish jewellery designer/maker Sam Glendinning handcrafts alternative artisan jewellery with a modern contemporary twist. Located 45 minutes south of Edinburgh, Sam creates unique organic pieces using traditional jewellery techniques in a style that is unmistakably recognisable to her. Everything from traditional designs, animal themed using hares, foxes and otters, to personalised pieces creating future family heirlooms.

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Classes are now available...

Days taster session: £165.00

Create a simple pendant or cabochon ring. 

Learn how to:

Cut silver


Form your design

Solder your components

Create a setting

Set your chosen stone

Polish and finish your creation to a professional 

Spend the day in a professional working silversmithing studio with expert tuition and one to one support. Your day will start at 10am sharp with a brief introduction of Sam's history in the industry and her work leading onto a studio health & safety checklist. After that you will work along with Sam at your very own professional bench and create your piece. You will experience the full hands-on practical process. The morning will comprise of determining your finger size, gathering your materials and then shaping your silver, cutting it to length and soldering to form a solid ring. You will then spend a little time cleaning this up ready for the next process. At this point, we will stop for a 30-minute lunch. When the class resumes, you will start by making your stone setting for your chosen stone (You will choose your stone at the point of booking your day). You will create a seat for the stone to sit on, attach the setting to your ring shank and then a full clean up, polish and buff. You will then learn to set your stone securely using a rub-over style technique to ensure your stone is kept safe and protected from everyday wear. A final polish and you will have completed your days course. Stones available: Amethyst Perido Blue Topaz White Cubic Zirconia Emerald Cubic Zirconia Sapphire Cubic Zirconia Ruby Cubic Zirconia Citrine Garnet Moonstone Labradorite



Inspired by the Scottish landscapes, wildlife, trees and the ancient way of life, I create handmade unique, artisan, jewellery fit for any occasion.

Create your own unique piece of history, forging future family heirlooms you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

When we loose a loved one, being human or animal, it can be one of the hardest things we face. Here at The Alchemist's Forge, I work with you to design and create a unique piece that you can wear and treasure, so you never have to part with them again. It is my priority to ensure the whole process is as calm, peaceful and as respectful as possible. Allowing you to have peace of mind that you are in good hands.  From start to finish, you have full control over the whole process with full communication and any questions you have answered. 

Memorials & Ashes

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I offer a full one-to-one design service and will do my utmost to make sure you receive exactly what you have in mind for your own bespoke piece of The Alchemist's Forge.

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