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Fern Leaves



Raineach is a collection connecting you to the depths of the wild woods. Ferns have always been known for their protective and male qualities. Combined with peridot, the stone of powerful cleansing and healing, This collection has been designed to help you let go of the chaos and open your heart to the wonder of nature when you need it most

Peridot properties:

Peridot is known as a powerful cleanser & an excellent healing stone. It can help disperse anger, jealousy, emotional pain, distrust, depression, anxiety & irritation. It aids in opening the heart to love, joy, happiness as well as calmness & wellbeing. In turn, you will find it will enhance self confidence and personal assertion which will  then allow you to find your motivation again and reduce the fear of change. A great study aid, peridot will encourage focus and reduce procrastination.

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