Can I commission a unique peiece of jewellery to my own specific requirements?

Yes! Iwill work with you through ever step of the process to make sure you have all the elements you are looking for and to make it as special as possible.

Can I have my own stones in my design?

YES! I am more than happy to work with any stones you have that you have either purchased or that has a significant or sentimental value to you. However, there will be a small settings charge.

If I commission a piece of jewellery, will my design be made replicated?

NO! If you have commissioned me to create a unique piece that is personal to you, the design will not be replicated or reproduced. Your unique design will be the only one. Thats what makes it so special.

Can I change any stones in an existing design I have seen to different one's?

Yes! All my designs can be made with any stone/stones of your choice. However, prices may differ depending on the choices discussed but I will always give you a price of each stone before the design is taken to the bench.

Can any design be made in a different material?

Absolutly. All my designs are able to be made in silver, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. Prices will reflect in the material choices.

How long does a commissioned piece take to make?

The time frame will depend on the content, stones, overall design, design process and work load. Times will vary but I will alawys give you a rough idea of the turm around.