Hand crafted in sterling silver, these beautiful and highly magical stones are set to make a statement. Not only are they beautiful, they also can help in your every day life.


Labradorite is a protective stone that will help you attune to your higher self. Its a great companion for a creative mind and will aid in releasing in anxieties. It also acts as a shield against unwanted negativity.


Material: Sterling silver

Shank: Double 2mm shank to ensure the piece does not move when worn.

Detail: 1mm hand twisted silver around the base of the setting

Stone: Labradorite

Overall measurements: Aprox 40mm x 30mm


*Please be aware that each stone is different and hand cut therfor sizes may vary. Colour variations are also something to take into consideration. However, if you have a colour preference, please add a note onto your order and I will do my very best to source your unique and individual stone.

Large labradorite ring