The front of the locket has been hand textured with a delicate floral and leaf design to create a beautiful, elegant finish. Hinged at the top of this unique shaped piece which uses a traditional style of a three barrel and pin technique, the front is held closed with a tiny key on a chain that simply slips in through a small barrel just above the base point to ensure the secret is not given away too soon. In the centre is a small high polished silver crescent moon and above that...a swirl which leads the eye down to the sides. To give extra interest on the outside, round the edges of the main body you will find interwoven vine details which creates a balance for the over all design.


On opening this unique creation, you come to the internal story. A miniature landscape complete with hills and tiny pebbles. The landscape and sky have been given an oxidisation so that you can see the darkness of the night sky which in turn helps the eye to see the beauty of the moon. The moon itself is a 4mm faceted moonstone which shines little reflections of light over the hills in the distance adding more interest and depth to the overall design. Surrounding the moon are tiny indentations where the oxidisation has been removed and the silver underneath polished, representing stars that shine brightly.


In the foreground is a small, hand pierced copper fox with silver detail on his tail, curled up and sleeping which completes the little story.

To allow this unique piece to be worn, the chain itself has been hand fabricated using a loop and bar design. Each link had been hand soldered so no open parts are at risk of breaking, then work hardened which adds strength and rigidity allowing it to hold its intended shape, secured with an 11mm lobster catch and finally given a high polish to compliment the overall chain.



Materials: Sterling silver, oxidisation & copper

Length: 45mm

Width: 20mm

Stone: Moonstone

Chain style: Hand fabricated

Chain Length: 18 inches

Assay: Edinburgh


'Sleepy Fox'