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 The Alchemist's Forge




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The Alchemist's Forge was founded at Imbolc of 2015. The snowdrops were just starting to appear and the land was starting to reawaken after a long, cold winter.

Exceptional, unique hand crafted artisan jewellery inspired by nature that doesn't cost the earth. Using traditional smithing techniques, I create wearable art that will bring you closer to the wilds of Scotland.


Using certified eco-friendly packaging, responsibly sourced gemstones and recycled metals.



The Alchemist's Forge has grown over the years and has now exported to 21 countries and become what I always dreamed of. All the materials I use are responsibly sourced. My silver is recycled from x-ray films which in turn supports our National Health Service. My stones and healing crystals are from mines that are privately owned and the miners are well looked after, safe and get paid directly for what they have found. All my packaging is fully recyclable and can be added to compost bins, completing the cycle and returning to the earth again.

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My name is Sam. I am the designer/maker/alchemist behind The Forge fires. I have always felt a connection to mother nature and found inspiration in the trees, plants, crystals and animals surrounding my home in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Being brought up as a child on a farm in East Lothian, I have always had a love & respect for the countryside & enjoyed a typical country childhood. Back in 1997 I left school and went on to study Book Illustration & Media Design at Edinburgh's Telford College for three years. I left there with no idea what to do, so I quickly found myself in a job as a recruitment consultant. I worked in this field for a few years but absolutely hated it. I decided that I needed something else. Something more hands on. It was at this point, now being 24, that I decided to return to full-time education and went to do completed a Jewellery & Metalsmiths BAHons Degree at Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art & Design in Dundee. I was never one to actually wear jewellery but decided that I would see where it would take me. Using the knowledge and understanding from my previous courses, I quickly realised that this was definitely where my heart lay.

Having completed my studies, I created a very small studio in the corner of a room at home and I continued to study, practice, explore and investigate new techniques to enable me to further my skills. Never believing anyone would want my creations, I gave most away as gifts to family and friends. The rest went into the scrap pot to be smelted down and reworked. I was working 2/3 jobs to make a living and the years passed. My parents have always given me full support in whatever I wanted to do and would constantly tell me 'You have a talent, I don't know why you aren't using it!'


I lacked confidence. My biggest demon. In 2015, I picked up my tools and said to myself, "If I am going to do this, I need to give it my all." I started making again, while continuing the day jobs. By the end of 2014 I had work sitting that I hadn't thrown into the scrap pile or given away. So, for the first time. I had stock. I was in business.

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