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This very unique necklace has grown at the bench with no prior designs. It was a pleasure to work on and is one of my personal faveroutes that have been made here at The Alchemist's Forge.


Hand crafted and completely fabricated from hand drawn wire and formed sheet, this has such a magical feel. The overall design comprises of a beautiful rectangular frame which has a delicate detail of lichen growing up the left hand side. As you move your eye across the design you will see a set of two tiny mushrooms and then across onto a large fern leaf which has a detailed texture running the length of the leaf. From the base of the design hangs a beautful fresh 10x6mm oval Peridot. The chain of the whole piece has been made using peridot chips leading up to a traditional lobster clap at the back to ensure it stays secure when worn.



Fern & Mushroom Necklace

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